The Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner is based on the work of the late Percy Wilson, Technical Editor of the Gramophone Magazine in England. A prototype (handmade) machine was demonstrated at the Buxton Hi-Fi show in the 1960’s and generated much attention for its ability to thoroughly clean a record. The design was improved and perfected using premium high quality components and modern manufacturing methods by Loricraft Audio. Thousands of Loricraft record cleaning machines are now in use around the world by leading record studios, record dealers, serious collectors and vinyl enthusiasts. 

The first Loricraft Professional Record Cleaner (PRC) was made in 1990, it was originally intended as a one off to clean a growing collection of personal records. Other record cleaning machines available at the time were noisy and not suited to continuous running. Over 30 years later the Loricraft is now universally acknowledged as the reference standard for record cleaning machines. After improvements to the original Loricraft PRC the production version became the PRC2, the vacuum pump was housed in a separate box. In 1997 the PRC2 officially ceased production to make way for the PRC3 which was the result of extensive experimentation with the objective to make a more affordable machine. All parameters were tested to find the optimum efficiency and ultimate performance. After much research and development a machine better than the original PRC became reality. 

The Loricraft professional record cleaner has been subject to continuous advancement over the years from PRC to PRC2, PRC3, PRC4, PRC5 and PRC6. In 2021 the new improved PRC4i and PRC6i was launched with advanced engineering input and manufacture by SME Limited.